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Geotechnical, Environmental & Seismic Drilling

In logistical difficult areas. Transition Zones in and near coastal, shallow lakes & bays, marsh, swamp, etc.  These services require Marsh Buggies, Jack-Up Barges (Lift Boats), Pontoon Drills, Pull Boat/ Swamp Buggies, and Airboat Drills.  S.E.R. has historically acquired contracts to utilize some of these specialty equipped drills to render environmental sampling for litigation sites in Transition Zones.

Amphibious Excavator

Currently S.E.R. owns and operates five (5) small Marsh Buggy Excavators. These machines are very cost- effective to transport which helps secure contracts as the size does not require Louisiana State Police escorts or special permits. They are very light weight and have virtually no impact to the environmental in comparision to larger Amphibious Marsh Buggy Excavators. S.E.R., has implemented cargo decks on these machines which allows the carrying of implements, tools, cargo, debris, etc. These machines have multiple attachments for Pipe Line Right Away cleaning and maintenance. These machines have given S.E.R. an advantage on oil spill response jobs.

• Coastal Restoration

• Debris Removal

• Ditch and Canal Sediment Removal

• Pipeline Right Away Cleaning & Maintenance

• Oil Spill Response

• Oil Field, Pipe Line Installation, Removal and Repair

• Utility Installation and Repair

• Unique ability to fabrication, alter and modify equipment to fit any job requirement

Marine Transportation

S.E.R. operates a fleet of out-board propelled crew, work and deck boats, for the purpose of near coastal and inland oil field service and supply. Same equipment can be utilized in many other areas such as, Oil Spill Response, Coastal Restoration, Dredge Work  Etc.

Near Coastal and Inland Waters rig tending.

These same assets are multi-functional and when not servicing oil field, are utilized for seismic support oil spill response and environmental sampling.



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